Cerise Bakehouse

T's & C's


To secure your order with Cerise Bakehouse, a 50% non-refundable deposit is mandatory if the total cost is not settled upfront. This deposit counts towards your final payment and ensures that your event date is reserved. Until this deposit is received, please be aware that the date in question remains open for booking by other potential clients. The balance is required to be fully paid two weeks prior to the delivery or collection date of your order.

For orders made less than two weeks in advance of the event, the entire balance is payable immediately upon ordering. Your order will only be considered confirmed once this payment is complete.

You can complete payments online through Stripe, which is integrated into the invoice we have provided for a secure and efficient transaction.


Alterations to your order details, such as size, design, flavors, and other specifics, are permissible until one week before your scheduled event. Post this period, Cerise Bakehouse cannot accommodate additional changes.

Subsequent modifications to the cake’s design post-confirmation may affect the final cost. Please be aware that while every effort is made to ensure your cake matches the agreed-upon details from the flavor to the aesthetics, the unique nature of custom cake artistry may lead to slight variations.

Cerise Bakehouse is committed to creating a cake that reflects a similar style to the one you’ve chosen, but will not exactly duplicate another artist’s creation. To ensure the cake’s structural integrity, we reserve the right to adjust the design or construction either before the event or during setup.

Please be cautious when selecting dark-colored icing, as it may stain linens, garments, furniture, and teeth. Cerise Bakehouse is not liable for any staining caused by the use of intense food colorings.

Additionally, the use of deep hues often requires large quantities of food coloring, which can affect the cake’s flavor and quality.


Please refer to our detailed refund policy for comprehensive information regarding cancellations, deposit refunds, changes to orders, notice requirements, and any applicable fees.


Please be advised that cakes must be shielded from direct sunlight and should never be left in a car unattended. If you choose to disregard this advice, you assume full responsibility for any potential damage that may occur to the cake. It is also your duty to provide an appropriate and secure table and setting for the cake display. Due to their substantial weight, cakes necessitate a stable table and a room temperature that is conducive to maintaining their best condition.

In the event that you or someone you designate opts to pick up and set up the cake, all liability for the cake’s condition transfers to you once the cake leaves Cerise Bakehouse’s care.


Cerise Bakehouse is a council registered home bakery. We follow stringent measures to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, but it is important to note that our kitchen processes ingredients that include tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, dairy, corn, gluten, eggs, lupin, soy, sesame, and sulfites/sulfur dioxide. When you place an order, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risk of potential allergen exposure. It is your responsibility to inform your guests of this risk. By ordering from us, you agree to release Cerise Bakehouse from any liability for allergic reactions that may occur.