Cerise Bakehouse


The first step is to fill out an enquiry form. From there, any additional consultation is done via email before being provided with a quote.

Once you have the quote, a 50% deposit is required within 7 days to secure your booking. The remaining balance is due two weeks before your scheduled event.

For bookings made with less than two weeks’s notice or less, full payment is necessary.

You can complete payments online through Stripe, which is integrated into the invoice we have provided for a secure and efficient transaction.

I suggest placing your order at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Since I have a limited number of slots for cake orders each week, reaching out to me sooner ensures a better chance of securing your spot. While I usually plan in advance, I might be able to accommodate last-minute orders on occasion, depending on the cake’s size and design. Feel free to give it a shot and contact me!

Absolutely, feel free to mix and match flavors to your heart’s content! However, it’s important to consider the composition of your cake. Softer flavors like red velvet and banana should be placed towards the top to maintain the cake’s structure. Additionally, be aware that certain flavors might not be compatible with specific designs due to their consistency or weight. So let’s make sure your cake is both delicious and structurally sound!

If substantial modifications to your order are requested less than two weeks before the scheduled pickup/delivery date, a fee may be applicable to compensate for the redesigning of the cake and/or the work already invested or materials purchased for the original order.

Deposits are non-refundable. However, if you provide at least 7 days’ notice, you can receive a credit for the deposit, which can be applied to a new booking date. If the booking is canceled or the date change is not communicated with at least 7 days’ notice, the deposit will be forfeited, and a new deposit will be required for a new booking date.

We offer a range of cakes that are gluten-free, egg-free, and nut-free for orders. But not dairy-free or vegan, sorry! 

It’s important to note that our kitchen is not allergy-free, and there is a slight risk of contamination. While we take the utmost care with your specific order, including using separate equipment for gluten-free cake preparation, our kitchen regularly handles gluten, eggs, dairy, and nuts.

If your allergy requirements are particularly stringent, please inform us. For events with only a few allergy-conscious guests, we recommend allergy-free cupcakes, separately boxed from the main cake for added precaution.

On the big day, the key things to keep in mind are where your cake will be placed, the delivery time, and when it will be served. Opt for a spot that’s shaded and cool to preserve your cake’s freshness. Since often there’s a gap between the ceremony and entering the reception venue, consider having the cake delivered later, just before everyone gets a peek. Alternatively, ensure there’s chilled storage for the cake until it’s time to shine. Ideally, aim for the cake to be on display for 2-4 hours max before the grand cutting ceremony.

I recommend transporting your cake on a flat surface in your vehicle, such as the floor in front of the passenger seat or the boot space, with the air conditioner on. While driving, exercise caution by taking corners and braking slowly.

It’s crucial to note that if the cake is not being delivered directly to its final destination, it must be refrigerated before any additional transport.

It’s essential to refrigerate the cakes. For the best taste experience, serve the cake at room temperature. Depending on the season, allowing the cake to sit out of the fridge for 1-2 hours before cutting and serving is a suitable timeframe.

If you don’t plan to consume the cake on the pickup day, keep it in the fridge (in its provided box). While fresh is always preferred, rest assured that your cake will keep well in the fridge for up to 5 days (decorations may vary).